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International Health Certificate Questionnaire

International Health Certificate Questionnaire Form

We require the following documents:

  1. A physical hard copy of the actual rabies certificate brought to the office or a .pdf (NOT a picture, jpeg,etc) of the rabies certificate from the veterinarian that administered the vaccination showing date of administration, expiration of the vaccine, lot number of the vaccine, and vaccine manufacturer.
  2. Record of the date when the microchip was implanted.
  3. Record of all vaccinations
  4. Record of any deworming
  5. Record of any rabies titer testing if applicable

The cost of each required examination at the East Rockaway Veterinary Hospital is $101. The cost for each international health certificate ranges from $500-$1500 depending on the country. Vaccines, parasite medication, or any lab work is additional and separate from the examination fee. The USDA endorsement fees and any shipping/postage fees will be paid directly to the hospital. Some countries require multiple lab tests, parasite treatments, and multiple visits so please plan ahead. This process can take weeks to months. We will not be able to accommodate clients that are trying to leave in less than 14 days.  Please include any previous records including vaccination and microchip information with this questionnaire. Return questionnaire via fax at 516-596-0310 or email Please make your appointment way ahead of time. Sorry but no International Health Examinations are performed on Saturdays. Please be aware that there is a $101 NONREFUNDABLE deposit that must be paid before the process can start. This fee will be used towards the cost of the examination. Thank you