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Pet International Travel Veterinary Service in East Rockaway, NY

Exporting your pet or traveling with your pet internationally can be confusing and incredibly complicated.

USDA Health Certification For International Travel

Exporting your pet or traveling with your pet internationally can be confusing and incredibly complicated. If the proper requirements are not met, you may be forced to leave your pet behind, placed in quarantine at your destination, or have your pet refused entry into the country you are traveling to.

Not all veterinarians are allowed to perform this task. Dr. Selkowitz and Dr. Xanthos are both accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture and certified to examine your pet and sign off on the proper documentation.

Follow these steps to help expedite the process:

1. Plan ahead! Each country has its own set of requirements to allow the import of your pet. Some countries have requirements that can take MONTHS to complete.

2. Watch this short video from the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

3. Go to the USDA APHIS website. There you will find answers to many of your questions regarding international travel with your pet, including what certificates are required to enter a particular country. Click on this link to be taken there USDA APHIS WEBSITE

4. Call our office a minimum of 30 days in advance at (516) 887-3322 to set up an appointment. Countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand have many additional requirements. In some countries like Australia can take months’ worth of work to get a certificate. Also, requirements must be performed in a specific order. We can help determine how long it will take to fulfill the requirements and schedule as necessary.

5. Not all veterinarians have USDA accreditation. Dr. Selkowitz and Dr. Xanthos are USDA-accredited veterinarians and will examine your pet, fill out the country-specific certificate, and fill out an APHIS form 7001 (if needed).  International health certification examinations are performed Monday through Friday. Sorry, no IHC examinations are performed on Saturdays.

6. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a company that can help facilitate your pet’s travel making this process much easier. Taking care of all of the details for you. Pet Express Animal Transport is one such company that clients have used in the past and have been very happy with the service. (866) 738-6683