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Pet Glaucoma Screening Veterinary Service in East Rockaway, NY

East Rockaway Veterinary Hospital recommends that you have your pet checked for glaucoma on a regular basis due to the severity and prevalence of this disease.

Pet Glaucoma Screening in East Rockaway, NY.

Glaucoma does not only affect humans; it can also affect your pet. Glaucoma is a condition in which the fluid pressure inside the eye rises to the point where it damages the optic nerve, resulting in excruciating pain and blindness. Glaucoma in animals is fairly common and can develop as your pet ages (chronic glaucoma) or as a result of an injury or illness (acute glaucoma).

Pet Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is an elevation of pressure in the eye. People and animals are very different when it comes to glaucoma. In humans, the disease is usually progressive and can lead to blindness but comes on gradually. Animals have a different type of glaucoma which, if left untreated for even a short amount of time, can lead to severe pain and blindness. We use the Medtronic Tono-Pen, the same instrument used by human ophthalmologists to check your pet’s pressure. So if your pet displays symptoms such as sensitivity to light, has a dilated pupil, or has bloodshot eyes call our office immediately for an appointment.