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Pet Video Otoscopy Veterinary Service in East Rockaway, NY

This high-definition scope is used to detect ear infections and parasites. The scope is also used to flush the ears of any debris.

Pet Video Otoscopy in East Rockaway, NY.

Pet video otoscopy is a safe and effective procedure that can provide important information about a pet’s ear health. It allows veterinarians to accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of ear-related conditions, which can improve a pet’s quality of life and prevent more serious health problems from developing.

Pet Video Otoscopy

Sometimes patients with severe or chronic ear infections need more help than can be given using conventional cleaning and medication. For difficult outer and middle ear infections, we use the MedRx Earigator and video otoscope. With the video otoscope, we can get up close images of deep inside the ear canal to diagnose problems that are impossible to see from the regular otic examination. With the Earigator we can completely remove debris from the ear canal and place medication directly in the middle ear canal.